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The Distractor

Distracted Windoze

Post by The Distractor »

THis is gonna be a new custom Windows I'll start work on.

v1.0 : Win98SE based

Peeled apart with 98lite
Hacked apart with ResHack & eXescope
Well, you know the stuff.

>v1.0 <v2.0: Bugfixes and stuff
v2.0 : WinXP based

Peeled apart with nLite
Hacked apart with ResHack
Meh, just about the same.

A Vista based version will be planned if I manage to get a copy.


Post by iWindoze »

May I recommend you give Tihiy's 98 Revolutions Pack a look first and see if perhaps you might be doing some useless duplication? IMHO Tihiy's already cornered the market on 9x customizing at this point... However Tihiy's promised he'd get to work on a Windows 2000 version of his revolutions pack and that was quite some time ago.

There's also the small point of order regarding Windows 2000 having a greater bit of hardware support these days than Win9x, and as much as I've loved hacking away at it even I am having a difficult time making Win9x happy on my hardware. Win2000 is still fresh enough, still customizable (see XSOS v2.02 for an example of what can be done, as well as some of what iseewon has claimed to accomplished), and with some judicious hacking still easy enough on the hardware to be a small OS on low end hardware.

Oh and the XP customizations have been done also, by a guy named Xpero who has just released everything you need for a customized XPize on his site. So if you really want to make another XP customized shell hack, it's never been easier. I think many of us here would love to see someone strip Win2000 of its unnecessary cruft and optimize it for speed + functionality than Yet Another XP Hack though....


PS: The words I've linked to are so you can see what's already been accomplished before you start. Or not. Up to you, but I thought you might like to see where others have already gone before boldly reinventing the wheel...

PPS: Good Luck!

EDIT - Noted you said XP, not 2000 so I added a link to XPize

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