All of these "What does...", "What is..." type posts

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All of these "What does...", "What is..." type posts

Post by Andy »

Hello all,

After being flamed to death over the topic that lasted literally HOURS (which has been removed so please don't ask to see it), I forced myself to have a change of heart and make the rule less intrusive, without discussing it with mrpijey who was unavailable at the time (so please forgive me mrpijey if you don't agree with this).

It has come to my attention (and mrpijeys) that these "What are..." and "What is..." type posts are getting a little silly and some pointless, so I wanted to make it clear that they should be sensible and actually have some real purpose. Don't just post questions for the sake of posting them, put some effort into it and have a motive for wanting to know what you're asking.

The recent "What does your My Computer look like?" topic was a little silly. While I'll leave this one, I don't want to see silly topics like that. Put some thought into it, make it interesting like the "What does your desk look like?" topic. There is lots of interesting things going on in that topic, but the My Computer one is pretty boring. Most peoples My Computer look identical!

So please, be sensible.

I've added this to the rules for new members to be aware of.
- Keep "What does your...?" / "What is your...?" type topics sensible and try to keep them interesting.
Andy (Admin)

P.S. If you're not happy with the rule now, you know where the door is.

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Re: All of these "What does...", "What is..." type posts

Post by mrpijey »

I got no problem with it. Only thing I have a problem with is that someone always has to make a fuss as soon as something is changed. Just face the facts that the "someone" isn't running BA, we do. If you got a problem with any of our decisions then tell us in private, no need to try to moan on the forum trying to score some cheap points.

Stop fighting every change, every decision.

And as Andy so efficiently pointed out, if you don't like it you know where the door is. Or you can at least try to argue your points in private to us in a decent manner.

Enough of this tho, decision has been made. End of story.

Now, back to enjoying the betas and whatever you do on this forum .
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