AdBlockPlus easylist author passes away

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AdBlockPlus easylist author passes away

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AdBlockPlus and Easylist author passes away
It's with great sadness that have to announce the passing of a good friend and our EasyList author, Rick752. Rick had suffered a stroke on St Patrick' Day, and I was just informed that Rick had passed away last evening. During this short period, while hospitalized, Rick had his family very close by his side. There was some able communication and awareness between Rick and his family before his passing and although given this short period to "prepare" for the inevitable, this news (as with any of this type) is still quite shocking and difficult to accept.

I have a lot of good, and most of all FUN & FUNNY memories of Rick and I will truly miss his gift of gab and wide array of knowledge about a variety of subjects. I have already spoken to Wladimir Palant who assures us that the EasyList will live on and be maintained regularly. The funny thing is Wladimir sent that message to me yesterday morning; which if I know Rick it's almost like he was waiting for that assurance! He was very proud of and dedicated to this project and most of all I know he enjoyed the communication, contributions and friendships he has made with others while he was able to assemble and maintain the EasyList.

Rick, R.I.P., buddy. You will truly be missed!

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Re: AdBlockPlus easylist author passes away

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Sad News

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Re: AdBlockPlus easylist author passes away

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I love ad block ad's annoy me. Hope it is continued to be developed because it is a good bandwidth saver to block ad's especially big ones as well.
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Re: AdBlockPlus easylist author passes away

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He has provided the legions of Mozilla Firefox users a great service. He will not be forgotten.