Complaints about large signatures

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Complaints about large signatures

Post by Andy »

Hello all,

Ive had a few complaints via PM about large image sigs. Can I please ask that anyone with an image for their sig reduce it to a maximum of 600x150px.

Anyone who has not done this within 7 days will have their sig removed.

Andy (Admin)

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Post by Beta Freak »

I was going to mention this because it isn't fair on slower connection speed users and it sometimes screws up the page.


Post by KenOath »

That's one option I usually disable when 1st logged into newly joined
forums, { Disable members sigs } on ipb forums of course..
You'd think that the people who make the phpbb forums would add it as
an option too!
OSBA never used sigs, it didn't bother me one bit as up until late 05 I
was still on dialup, when they 1st disabled them I posted that it was
way faster in loading the pages, a member quoted " Placebo Effect " as
if it made little difference & it was all in my mind...

I know whilst tpemail posted here it just made the page load heaps slower..

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Post by Evan »

Its funny in the sense that my signature was small before this began, and already supported it before it began .
Evan supports minimal Sigs! :P.

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Post by moonlit »

Aside from the size on screen (which I think is kind common sense, if it messes with the page layout it's too big) I think it's also quite nice to optimise your sig if it's an image, I try to make mine as small (in file size) as I can, I think that goes some way to helping, or at least I like to think so.