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Download Requests/Offers for Betas

Post by DoorsEntertainment »

Currently I am offering Chicago Build 58 and 73, and
Neptune 5111 Withount timebomb.

I am requesting ANy Build Of Whistler without activation. This Version Should also have the watercolor visual style.

I am still wondering where I can Find a file hosting place.
Myn ISP bans outgoing torrents. They limit the speedof incoming torrents to 6 kb/s.

If you are looking for non-beta, old software, dont ask me.
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Post by Leon »

When you get 10 contributing posts, You can get access to the FTPs which have all of them



Post by WinPC »

Again, this should be moved to Download Requests/Offers.


Post by jjf012 »

我就是想来下载windows whistler

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Post by harry4567 »

If you have 10 a "CONTRIBUTING posts" ,you may go to UserGroups , click View info. and click subsricbe
should be a post that

- HELP others in a problem
- adds information to a topic
- discuss an problem (hardware or software)
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Post by hounsell »

This is a pointless bump. I'd also request that you speak in English, since that is the language of the forum, and posts in other languages will either be ignored or deleted.

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