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Windows Advisor Beta

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I don't know if this has been released yet but here it is anyway.
Microsoft Connect wrote: The growing importance of technology in day-to-day life, as well as the increasing complexity of the home environment has also increased home user demand for PC care and support services. But providing users with effective PC care and support services is becoming very complicated and expensive for manufacturers, retailers, and even Internet service providers (ISPs). While in the past support was limited to a help desk, today the lines are becoming blurred between the various technologies. When a user has a sluggish Internet connection, is it due to a connectivity issue, spyware, a virus, an outdated or poorly maintained PC, the router, a failing hard drive, or simply the customer’s impatience? To be effective in today’s environment, PC care and support services must be more comprehensive and accurate. That’s where we believe Windows Advisor comes in.

Windows Advisor is an easy-to-use self-help tool that notifies users about problems on their PCs and helps to fix them. Windows Advisor scans users’ PCs continuously, notifies them about important issues, and, when possible, provides easy fix solutions. The program also provides users with self-help solutions, including a 1-click checkup function that enables them to check their PCs at any time; tips and tutorials that teach users how to perform certain actions on their PCs; and a toolbox that concentrates the important tools that are found in the operating system into one easy-to-find location.
Currently at build 2.2.905 its a nice little tool with some optimizations for Windows, and more important, automated step my step walkthroughs to find settings hidden deep into windows. All in all not extremely useful for advanced users but more like something I would give my parents to use to keep their computers healthy.

Download link:

Its in perpetual beta so there will be more builds shortly.



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I've been in this beta for a month, though I only have downloaded one build =\

It's build 2.0.713. If anyone's interested, I'll upload it to the FTP.

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