Compressed archives inside an archive?

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Compressed archives inside an archive?

Post by Syntho »

Is it ok to archive (rar/7z) say a cdrom, then the same for the artwork separately? The guide has examples like media.rar and artwork.rar so I did it like that, but it looks like there should be only one single .rar archive to download in the end. So I put both of those into its own ‘store’ archive. Hope that’s ok.

PS: I just realized that I probably should’ve taken a full picture of the underside of the CD instead of a closeup of the matrix runout. Probably gonna be rejected for that (and maybe because of the above archiving layout too) so I’ll retry everything once I get clarification.

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Re: Compressed archives inside an archive?

Post by Voyambar »

mrpijey does that himself manually after receiving and accepting the submission. The format also does not say you can or need to do that, follow the contribution guidelines and the format it states and you'll be fine.

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