(How-to) Disable 3D dialog boxes in Excel 4.0

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(How-to) Disable 3D dialog boxes in Excel 4.0

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In this guide you will learn how to disable 3D dialogs in Excel 4.0

1. Open EXCEL4.INI file using Notepad or other text editor (don't use a word processor e.g. MS Word). This file is located in your Windows directory (e.g. C:\WINDOWS)
2. In the [Microsoft Excel] section add the following line: 3dDialogs=0.
3. Save and close the file. For the changes to take effect you need to close and re-open Excel

This will work only in Microsoft Excel 4.0 with a letter at the end. I didn't test that with Excel 4.0 without a letter at the end.
If you want to re-enable 3D dialogs boxes simply remove 3dDialogs line from the EXCEL4.INI file.

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