Upload an iso file will get FTP access?

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Upload an iso file will get FTP access?

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Hi, i have an Windows 10 build 10074 iso but the language is Polish when i searching in the database i see it's not upload to the FTP server yet. My question is how to know this iso file is a original release and will it require for dumping this iso to upload to server? If so how can i dump this file, the guide only show how to dump dvd or cd. Sorry for bad english :$

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Re: Upload an iso file will get FTP access?

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I think maybe we already have it. There are some folders ending with [+]. This file includes other languages in media_svf.rar file. You said Polish, but maybe we already have it in media_svf.rar. I didn't check it. And also I can't check which languages we have in FTP on Database. For checking I'm thinking I must download that .rar file.
Also I don't think it will be approved. And it won't definitely be approved if you've downloaded it from a website.
As final I don't think you can dump a ISO file. For dumping you need to have beta version of a program, game or operating system as a CD or DVD. Or final versions of them if they're at least 10 years old. And It must be a release we don't have it.

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