[OFFER] Microsoft Chicago 58s Boot Disk

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[OFFER] Microsoft Chicago 58s Boot Disk

Post by ComputerHunter »

I made a new boot disk long times ago while I was writing a new tutorial and it will likely take some time for the tutorial come out. I decided to share this with you guys now and here it is: https://mega.nz/#!RR0wxQgI!QUk0siprdV9S ... 28mAAqQYak. The new emergency boot disk will be out soon.

This boot disk is more user friendly than the very popular MS-DOS 6.22 boot disk. All you have to do is to partition your hard drive, attach the setup disc, boot from the boot disk and select Start Chicago Setup from CD-ROM. It was made using files from Chicago 58s.


Note: This only works with the original copy of Microsoft Chicago 58s on the FTP. If you have the WinWorld or KenOath copy (they are modified and unoriginal), Start Chicago Setup from CD-ROM will not work.

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Re: [OFFER] Microsoft Chicago 58s Boot Disk

Post by vlad557776 »

Interesting project. I'll be glad to see a new tutorial, but don't make the same mistakes!
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