Windows 386/2.11 on VMWare

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Windows 386/2.11 on VMWare

Post by arielu »

Has someone try to run Windows 386 fast on VMWare?
I success install with MS-DOS 5 or MS-DOS 6.22, but WIN386 run very slow...

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Re: Windows 386/2.11 on VMWare

Post by KnucklesARouge »

the loosely defined, modern hardware vmware emulates simulates is gonna be far from optimal for software that old, you are much better off trying an emulator more suited for the purpose like PCem or 86box

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Re: Windows 386/2.11 on VMWare

Post by backtofuture »

it depends on the version you use, with the recent ones it doesn't work
test with VMware Workstation 10

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