Vista SP1 toilet paper: freshen up after your download

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Vista SP1 toilet paper: freshen up after your download

Post by win2k8man »

If the wait for Vista SP1 has left you feeling a bit backed up, here's something to get excited about. Now you can express your relief and freshen up afterwards with some quality Vista Ultimate SP1 toilet paper.

The T-Zone store in the gadget-paradise that is the Akihabara district in Tokyo is selling this smooth and comfortable 3-ply product, on which the manufacturer has printed a list of all the new features in Vista SP1 (sadly, only in Japanese kanji - it's all bluescreens to us).

If you’d like to get your hands on this little piece of early-morning superiority reinforcement, you can pop into the T-Zone store in person or visit them online.


Post by WinPC »

Come on now. No one wants "Vista Ultimate SP1" Toliet Paper. I don't see why any real person would want something like that.

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Post by XDude »

japanese people always have to make funny jokes

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Post by Frozenport »

I'll opt for the Business or Home Premium edition
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Post by Kenneth »

I'll opt for Vista MinWin.

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Post by Ambig »

So, what Ultimate extras does this product promise? It's great that this can be used in both home and business settings without having anything trimmed out of it, unlike that trash 2 ply paper known as Home Basic.

Will there be a free bidet addon? I hear it's a huge water hog.

Besides, what does Ultimate have over Home Premium if you're only going to be using it in a home setting, besides the bidet that will be in a perpetual beta? I mean, both have Direct Poo 10, and both have the same AEROdynamics between your cheeks. The only thing I can think of is that Business and Ultimate can be used in bathrooms with multiple toilet stalls.