[TUT] Adding the Vista Autorun Setup to any NT since NT4

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[TUT] Adding the Vista Autorun Setup to any NT since NT4

Post by hounsell »

Note: This is not creating a WIM install, it is just adding the Vista style autorun to an NT install.

This tutorial uses the setup from Longhorn 5112, but any from 5112 onwards can be used. Also, Steps 1-3 can be skipped by downloading the files premade from here

1) Extract Setup.exe and the sources folder. Most of the files can safely be deleted. the ones that must be kept in 5112 (Note, havent tested other builds, but they use the same system):

2) Create a file called Setup.bat and give it the contents:

Code: Select all

3) Using a hex editor of your choice, find all instances of the ASCII text "setup.exe" in w32ui.dll (no quotes) and replace with "setup.bat" (again, no quotes). This will allow you to redirect the install command to the NT installer.

4) Place these files on the disk / ISO and overwrite the previous setup.exe.

There, It should now have the autorun of Longhorn 5112. As far as i know, this can be used on any NT since NT4. I would like feedback on your experiences.

I chose to do this because this setup system is much easier to customise, and looks so much better.

EDIT: Download Fixed. Changed code.
Here's a customised sample i created for Longhorn 3718:

The transfer app (With About Text):
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Post by empireum »

Great tutorial, it should be enough if your batch/script contains this single command:
as I think it's not necessary to explicitly change into \i386 before invoking winnt32, as long as you give the path, it'll work. The "@" at the start of the line replaces the "@echo off".


Post by hounsell »

I found it was necessary for it to be:

Code: Select all

Edit. Also Thinking about creating one for the 9x Range. Shouldn't be too hard...

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Post by Shrimp »

Hey thanks for this! I'm thinking of creating a custom Windows version soon and this would be a huge help!


Post by hounsell »

9x isn't as easy as i thought. The Longhorn Autorun is made to just display an error message on load on all 9x systems. The latest one you can use is the XP autorun. Personally, I'm not bothered about that, but if anyone wants it, i could create a tutorial for that.

EDIT: I noticed I said edit all instances of setup.exe in setup.exe, this was a mistake, it should be replace all instances of setup.exe in w32ui.dll. I have fixed this in the first post.


Post by colo »

WoW!! Nice Tuts!

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Post by fusi0n »

great tutorial nice work dude

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