Old Microsoft Office Versions for Mac

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Old Microsoft Office Versions for Mac

Post by Shrimp »

Does anyone know where I can find any old Microsoft Office versions for mac that would work in Mini vMac, Basilisk II or Sheepshaver? (Like System 7 and under) I've been looking for them for a long time...

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Post by ddrmaxromance »

I have Microsoft Word 6.0 (I think that's what it is. From 1995). It's on my PowerBook 190cs, which runs System 7.01, so it should run fine in any emulator.

The only problem is that it came with the system. The only way to get it on another source is by floppy or buying a PCI ethernet card. I'd help you out, but I'm broke. lol. I'm sure many others have similar software available for you though.
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Post by Vista Ultimate R2 »

Jordan's server in the FTP section has quite a few versions, in the Apple/MacDomain/Office folder: Office 2.5 and 4 are for 68k Macs ie Basilisk II, while 98 and 2001 are for PowerPC Macs running Classic OSes ie SheepShaver with Mac OS 9. 4 is the newest version available for 68k, 2001 for Mac OS Classic (PPC), and 2004 for Mac OS X.

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