How to get at unleaked builds?

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How to get at unleaked builds?

Post by 3-R4Z0R »

Good day to everyone here on BetaArchive!

I've been digging into Longhorn again, after a long long time of absence or even disinterest.
My reason for this was the messing around with Vista; I wanted to know, wheter Vista is an OS I can familiarize myself with. After about ten hours of testing I decided to throw Vista away again, simply because it did not offer what I wanted from an operating system.
Then I found my old Longhorn 4074 CD-ROM (yes, an 800MByte CD-ROM) and installed it again. What a nice feeling... memories came back. I tried to get 4074 to a stable state, but it did not seem to like my current machine. I had it running some time very stable on an older one... it even served a friend as gaming machine during a whole LAN-party.
Anyways, I installed my first Longhorn build I ever got my hands on: 4015. Right now it runns perfectly on my machine. Even the parts of DWM/DCE in the leaked version work (but they're not fancy xD). I'm even thinking about using my current setup during some time in the future, because it works and it's almost as fast as XP (except booting and explorer.exe).

After having Longhorn installed I started looking for infos about all different builds and stumbled over Longhorn 4015 build from Lab06 with all those fancy DWM effects. Only problem with that: I haven't got it and have no clue, how or even where to get it... and I have almost nothing but a connection to a friend to offer as some kind of 'payment' for such a build.

So here's my question: How and where could I start working towards getting at this special build? It's the only one I really want, since I am personally very interested in desktop composition (even thought about making XP a compositing OS and have done a bit of research (thanks to

Greetings 3-R4Z0R

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Post by TheWahbinator »

To save you from any hassle:
You can't.

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Post by 4tified »

I'm convinced there are some around here (even on this forum) who have builds that we'll never get to see, which is sad. Some of us just don't have the resources to obtain those builds. Not to mention so many are out to discredit others for their finding. It's this kind of selfishness and lying that keeps builds locked away forever...and I really can't blame those people for keeping a tight grip. But yeah, like Wahbinator said, not gonna happen.

EDIT: I know there are more reasons than what I mentioned, but this is part of the puzzle no doubt.

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Post by tristan »

Maybe i'm able to get some builds via a MS partner, but not sure atm...
I hope i can get some nice builds, which are actually very good and not leaked?

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Post by XDude »

if you could easily get the builds, they wouldn't call them unleaked.
That sums it up.


Post by 3-R4Z0R »

That's sad. I would have loved to use Longhorn 4015 from Lab06. Well, then I'll have to stick to normal Longhorn 4015 which at present is cooler to use than anything else in existence... and even as useable as many other operating systems.

Greetings 3-R4Z0R

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Post by J.Byrne »

Microsoft keeps a selfhishly tight grip on longhorn, because its the only proof that they werent working on vista from the start. I have a magazine from microsoft showing off vista, and in a five page account of its development, not once do they use the words "longhorn" or "winfs"
microsoft want to destroy all trace of lh, big meanies!!

Rob Jansen
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Post by Rob Jansen »

Well they didnt hide it in Server 2008.

Even the build tag contains

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Post by seanhobbs »

I find that winbeta on irc gets leaks faster than everyone else.

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