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QDI Synactix sx5ep-a

Posted: Wed Nov 11, 2020 2:12 pm
by Hankuken
Hello. I have this motherboard (QDI synactix sx5ep-a )
With intel Pentium III 1.0 ghz coppermine.
I have bought a P3 tualatin 1.4 ghz. Is compatible with my motherboard? In the manual there are this phrases...
"Support all intel Pentium III (coppermine) fc pga processor 533 600 667 ..1 ghz etc.. with 133mhz bus speed.
Supporrs all INTEL Pentium III (Tualatin) Fc pga2 processors at 1.13/1.20/1.26ghz and Future processors with 133mhz bus speed..