System Shock Floppy disks 1994 - need help

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System Shock Floppy disks 1994 - need help

Post by ViperSan »

Hi friends on advice I received from Admin I have 7Zipped my damaged System Shock floppy big box disks.
I have imaged disks 1 >7 and disk 9
Sadly Disk 8 is unreadable ..
I would like to replace disk 8 if I can so have included a raw kryoflux stream of disk 8.
Perhaps someone more knowledgeable than me can recover data from it ?
If not then hopefully if I ever get access to the ftp and that disk exists there ..I can open the floppy case ..replace the magnetic media and create a 'Frankenstein' replacement.
I'm just about to upload to the public area.

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Re: System Shock Floppy disks 1994 - need help

Post by vikingo »

Do your homework and gain access. The disk is there waiting for you.

It is a good idea to replace the disk internals. Practice with used disks just in case...
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