SCiZE's warez BBS collection

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Re: SCiZE's warez BBS collection

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Its seems the website is down, as my browser just 404'd.
mrpijey wrote:Why not make a list here on BA which ROM configs are better for what platform etc? What ROMs to use for a standard 286, 386, and also some info on what ROMs work best with some of the betas etc? I think it would be quite valuable information. Put it in the tutorials section...
I think that should also be mirrored on the wiki too.
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Re: SCiZE's warez BBS collection

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The site was taken down by the owner due to increased traffic on it because of this topic.
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Re: SCiZE's warez BBS collection

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For the record, his website URL is not anymore but a different one. I don't want to say it in this thread though too keep SCiZE safe. Besides, most if not all of his beta stuff has been checked, verified, and uploaded already.
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Wow... I had no idea this topic would have over 100 replies when I created it! We have been able to find some very interesting stuff from him, like MS-DOS 5.00 betas, MS-DOS 6.00.0015, and even Windows 3.0 betas! Great thanks to this man and all of the people who checked and uploaded his stuff for this amazing load of betas! :)
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