I don't get it?

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I don't get it?

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Windows XP SP2, booting up on my Core 2 Duo, takes about 40 seconds to boot to the desktop.

When the same computer runs the same OS inside VirtualBox, it starts in about 10 seconds. WTF?
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Post by Kenneth »

Several factors are involved:
2 of them.

- Drivers
- Boot Time Tasks

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Post by jimmsta »

Keep in mind that you're virtualizing the platform - in doing so, you can bypass a lot of the wear and tear that booting an OS takes out of a system - VirtualBox, just like any other virtualization product, sets aside memory and a hard disk stored in a single file, and lets the OS boot without the need to detect and initialize all the devices in the system - the virtualization engine does this already, and provides a known-good configuration for the virtual bios.

All in all, I suppose that if you were to build a PC with a custom firmware, you'd probably be able to duplicate what the virtualization software does, to an extent - except, you'd have to keep the configuration of the system the same forever. Look at the Intel Macs - they use a custom firmware, based on EFI, which quickly initializes a known-good configuration, and boots the system up in a relatively short period of time, all of the time (I'm speaking from personal experience). Since apple controls the hardware and the software, they're able to have a predictable boot pattern that they can write into the firmware. Unfortunately, I'm not aware of anything like this for PC use.

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Vista in VM boots faster than on real HW.

Post by Smartie77 »

I notices exactly the same behaviour:

Windows Vista rtm boots slow on my Athlon XP 1.6GhZ with 1GB Ram.

Now I run XP and set up a VM / (VPC 2007 ) and allocate 512RAM ( bare minimum ) for it, boot into a virtual Vista running inside this XP and it boots up in less than half the time than it would take on the "real" Hardware with double the Ram..

So, yes you're right.

Indeed it is very strange to notice such behaviour.

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