Better free alternatives to paid software

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Better free alternatives to paid software

Post by hougtimo »

The whole point of this thread is so that you can nominate a peice of free software (Opensource / Freeware) that has replaced the job (and possibly does it better) than a peice of software you paid for.

For me, I'd nominate:

Foxit Reader 2 /b] Replaced Adobe Reader (I know reader is free, but IMO Foxit does a better job)

Bitvise Tunnelier /b] Replaced Axessh Windows SSH Client



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Post by empireum »

These are the most used/important to me:

OpenOffice (replaced MS Office)

Firefox (replaced IE as default browser)

Thunderbird + Songbird or Evolution (replaced Outlook)

The GIMP (instead of Photoshop)

Inkscape + Scribus (instead of Photoshop)

Xara Xtreme (instead of Photoshop)

Audacity + Ardour (instead of CoolEdit and the like)

Cinelerra (video editor)

Note that these apps don't have to be "better" than their commercial counterpart for me, they just have to do the job for me and make their respective counterpart unnecessary for me. As a Linux user, some commercial apps are not available to me, so I need to find open-source apps that can take their place (or use Wine and see how far I can get).

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Post by Andy »

Notepad - Replaces crappy WYSIWYG website editors

Vista Ultimate R2
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Post by Vista Ultimate R2 »

Firefox is about the only open-source program that I have - I had heard a lot about it back in late 2004 so I thought I'd download it (v1.0.0) and see what all the fuss was about - it ended up replacing IE6 as my default browser by the end of the day!

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Post by ToastyCheesy »

Ubuntu (replaces windows)

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Post by hjort »

I mostly use Open Source software on my Linux computers. I use Firefox on all my computers, but IE is still my main browser
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Post by expert01 »

Notepad++ - Replaces notepad
Media Player Classic - Replaces Media Player

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Post by ppc_digger »

Rhythmbox - replaces iTunes/WMP

Gaim/Pidgin - replaces MSN Messenger, ICQ, AIM, etc.

QEMU - replaces VPC/VMWare

Kate - replaces Notepad

MPlayer and VLC - replace every other media player around

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