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Just so you know andy, I was browsing around the downloads ftp and found this Windows_2003_eXPerience_Edition.rar which is not a beta. Its an illegal copy of 2k3 that was modified from trial version. They removed the trial period and took out alot of stuff. This one is all over the warez sites so you might not want to get caught with it on your server. I know for afact its illegal, i downloaded it and tried it and right in the start menu it has a "change product key" generator........lol.....this wasnt a beta or a release canidate, its the actual OS and its bad.

just trying to give you the heads up

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Thats for that report. Ill look into it now.

EDIT: This was a custom OS but as you claim it has a key gen built into it I cannot risk it being on the server. Deleted.

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Here is the overview from one of the warez sites

Based on Windows Server 2003 Enterprise Edition, this specially
made version of Windows has been fully tweaked and transformed
for home use/playing games.

This operating system will run almost all of the software that
runs on Windows XP.


"Why use Windows Server 2003?" you might ask - because it runs
everything faster than Windows XP. Server 2003 boots up faster
than XP, it even runs GAMES faster than Windows XP, for example,
loading levels in Half Life 2 takes a third of the time it takes
in Windows XP. Also, you get way better frame rates in server
2003 too.

Server 2003 has no Welcome screen and it is simply more responsive
than Windows XP.

Windows Server 2003 Enterprise Edition with SP1 allows up to eight
processors and 1 TB (terabyte) of RAM, yes, up to one thousand gigabytes
of RAM! So this OS is somewhat future proof, since most home systems
only use one or maybe two processors at the most and usually only use
up to 4Gb or 8Gb of RAM in even the most extreme gaming setups.


Perhaps it is best not to mention the real world cost of this OS,
but remember, this eXPerience Edition is not meant to be used as
a server OS, although the truth is, it could be used as a server
OS if you wanted, because it has not actually been "converted" to
a workstation, only carefully tweaked for "home use". Bear in mind
that some features have been stripped out of this special edition,
however, this should not affect the use of this OS as a server, but
this is not its intended purpose - the purpose of this OS is to provide
a very fast and very stable home OS that runs software faster than XP
could ever hope to be, especially now XP has over 65 post SP2 hotfixes
you have to cram into it, it seems to get slower with every hotfix that
you install. Microsoft cannot afford to be like that with Server 2003
because it costs too much and professional Administrators would catch on.
Maybe the slowness of XP is down to Vista coming soon, who knows, but XP
is not what it once was, the fastest XP is probably with SP1. The theory
goes that hotfixes protect you from viruses and spyware, but I have yet
to experience any real evidence of that, however there is plenty of evidence
that hotfixes bloat XP and slow it down! Again, just in time for Vista.


DO NOT use conversion to a workstation tools on this OS like "TweakNT"
or "Reset5" because those tools do not work on this corporate version
of Server 2003. If you use these tools, the OS will not be bootable


The WINDOWS folder for this installation only uses 630Mb of hard disk
space, the normal full install of Server 2003 Enterprise Edition takes
up 1500Mb of space.

The ISO image of this eXPerience Edition is about 300Mb, this is half
the size of the normal ISO image and this special edition includes
additional drivers totalling about 45Mb of that 300Mb, so the actual
size for Windows on its own on the ISO image is roughly 250Mb. The
included drivers are all integrated so that your devices (see details
below for included drivers) will be working on installation. Driver
packs used are part of Bashrat the Sneaky's driver packs, which are
finally a solution to unattended SATA problems that Microsoft seemingly
refuse to address.

RAM memory usage on first install = 55Mb

Only install this operating system onto a freshly formatted
partition or hard disk.

It is not possible to upgrade, because the option (44Mb) has been
removed. If you did "upgrade" from XP, you cannot go back to XP
again anyway.

To install this unattended version, simply boot from the CD and format
the drive or partition you want to install to, then just sit back and
wait 15 minutes and the installation takes care of itself. No 'Product
Key' is needed.


The following hotfixes are integrated:

Service Pack 1 (build 1830)
All 32 Critical and Recommended Hotfixes up to 21.06.2006


Includes the following programs:

MSN Messenger v7.5.0324
Windows Media Player v10.00.00.3704


The following drivers are integrated:

Chipset Drivers
CPU Drivers
Ethernet LAN Drivers (NIC card)
SATA Drivers (no floppy disk needed)


Added to the Start Menu you will find
the automatic Product Key change tool.

This is because eventually and inevitibly, Microsoft will make
people feel miserable and block the key that is used for this
unattended installation. Now, before you even connect to the
internet you are able to easily change the 'Product Key' in one
click, just run the key changer, click "Yes" and sit back whilst
the ACCU2003 program performs its tricks. This special edition
of Server 2003 does not need to be activated, because it is a
corporate (VLK) version.


The following items have been removed:

Printer Drivers - 33.74 Mb
All Languages (except USA and UK english) - 81.60 Mb
Wallpapers and game controller images - 3.36 Mb
Windows Sounds - 2.11 Mb
Microsoft .NET Framework - 12.22 Mb
Administration Tools Pack - 13.2 Mb
Help - 23.0 Mb
Manual Install and Upgrade - 44.0 Mb
Search Assistant - 5.55 Mb
Beep Driver (stops annoying system beeping) - 2 Kb
Error Reporting Service - 140 Kb
Indexing Service - 6.36 Mb
Messenger (could be used by spammers) - 20 Kb
Remote Registry (would enable remote registry editing) - 30 Kb
Telnet Server Service - 90 Kb
UDDI Service (Server 2003 only, not needed) - 31.37 Mb
Windows Media Services (Server 2003 only, not needed) - 15.10 Mb

The following directories have been removed...

DOCS - 545 Kb
PRINTERS - 31.00 Mb
SUPPORT - 11.05 Mb
VALUEADD - 6.10 Mb


It is recommended that for antivirus you use Symantec Antivirus
Corporate Client and for a firewall, use either Sygate Personal
Firewall Pro or BlackIce PC Protection. Common antivirus software
like that included with "Norton Systemworks" will not install on
Server 2003, this is maybe because Norton will not be held responsible
for protecting a server - remember, this operating system is supposed
to be used on a machine like a rackmounted server with hundreds of other
machines being run off of it. It is this very same reason why Server 2003
is much faster than Windows XP and is rock solid compared to ANY other
Windows. The only other software that might not install, is XP specific
software like Microsoft Plus! that is for use exclusively on XP, in other
words Microsoft Plus! for XP would not install on Windows 98 or Windows
2000 either. It seems that the only problem with Server 2003 and software
not installing is your choice of antivirus and firewall - stick with the
recommendtions above and you can't go wrong.


Here are the changes made from what this operating
system would be, to the altered eXPerience Edition...

Monitor resolution is set to 1024 x 768 (even in Vmware)
Turned "Hardware Acceleration" up to full. (HWACC.EXE by Sjaakie)
Removed "Manage Your Server" shortcut from pinned list on start menu.
Does not show "Windows Server Post Setup Security Updates" on first boot.
Does not show "Manage Your Server" wizard on Startup.
DirectDraw and Direct3D is enabled in DirectX Diagnostic Tool.
Programs are set so they have priority over background applications.
All "Ctrl+Alt+Del" prompts (login, resume & standby) are disabled.
Server 2003 "Shutdown Event Tracker" is disabled.
Themes Service is enabled.
Windows Audio service is enabled.

Other Tweaks:

Disabled Print Spooler service.
Notepad Tweak - Turned on "WordWrap" in Notepad.
Removed "Shortcut to" Prefix on Shortcuts.
Disabled "Transition Effect" when you right click.
Disabled Window Animation.
Shows complete filename with extension.
Displays DOS filenames in proper text-case
Shows Hidden Files and Folders.
Uses Windows Classic Folders.
Disabled Balloon Tips.
Any open folders restore again when Windows restarts.
Disabled automatic restart in the event of a BSOD.
Disabled error reporting (but still notify on critical errors)
Disabled Windows Time service.
Prevented re-use of Internet Explorer windows.
Removed "Language Bar".
Made Internet Explorer maximum downloads 10 (default was 2)
Removed "Shared Documents" from My Computer.
Renaming of Recycle Bin is allowed.
Hung services are killed after 5 secs (default was 20 secs).
Got rid of "Places Bar" in Common Dialog Boxes.
Start Menu is speeded up to almost zero delay.
Added Notepad as a Right Click Item.
Added "Accessibility" tab to Internet Explorer.
Added "Always expand alt text for images.
Added Move system caret with focus/selection changes.
Added "Browsing" to the "Advanced" tab in "Internet Options".
Can open NFO files with notepad from the outset.
Stopped MSN sound when contacts sign in.
Disabled MSN startup with Windows.


Service Pack 1 and Hotfixes (up to 21.06.2006) integrated:

WindowsServer2003-KB889101-SP1-x86-ENU.exe (SP1 Build 1830)

Windows-KB890830-V1.17.exe (Malicious Software Removal Tool)


ISO File Size in Bytes............................ 297,945,088
Files on ISO...................................... 4,818
Folders on ISO.................................... 33


Enjoy This Fine Release By eXPerience

Build Date: 01.07.2006

Released: Mid-Summer 2006

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Post by ewan275 »

Is WERZ features on The Pirate Bay!

Hanngon this is the 800-quid Enterpirise Edition! Prob the biggest Werz youll get lol! A friend downloaded it,was no better than XP Pro 64.

I have found how to do most of the features highlighted in Windows XP MCE anyways, stuff like no welcome screen can be done in XP by going to the User control panel, change how users logon and log off and use classic logons.

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