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 PostPost subject: FIXED: Ubuntu on RAID 5 Volume Using IDE MegaRAID Adapter?        Posted: Mon May 18, 2009 4:50 pm 
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Fri Jun 13, 2008 10:22 am

Edit: Fixed! Nevermind. PartedMagic did the trick... although I don't see what it did any differently than when I was using it from the Ubuntu 9.04 Live.

Alright, I recently got a bunch of old servers. Most of them are Dell PowerEdge 600SC with 4-channel IDE LSI MegaRAID controllers in them. None of them have Windows CoAs on them except one and it's NT 4.0. So I figured I would install Ubuntu on one of them, I packed it full of RAM and booted it up but I have issues formatting the volume. No matter what software I use, the format fails. After much frustration with the installer itself I started trying to manually partition and format the volumes at first using gparted and then with mkfs.ext4 using various options. I created a 2GB linux swap partition at the beginning and then another ~700GB linux partition. Everything is fine at this point. Now when I try to format it seems that after "writing inode tables" i get problems every time. After the format fails the sda device disappears until I restart the machine. The "writing inode tables" portion of the format takes ~45 minutes, is that normal?

Machine: Dell PowerEdge 600SC
RAID Controller: LSI Logic Series 511 Rev C2
Drives: Four identical 240GB drives with same firmware revision
RAID Config: RAID 5, one logical volume. write-through, 4 stripes @ 64k, adaptive read-ahead, directio cache

During boot I see: CERC ATA100/4ch RAID Controller BIOS ver 1.03 June 10, 2002
HA -0 (Bus 0 Dev 4) CERC ATA100/4ch Standard FW 6.62 DRAM=16MB
The controller has an AMI chip on it.

I'm not sure where to get a BIOS update for this card but according to Dell's support I have the latest firmware.

I don't have much experience with RAID, if I'm configuring something incorrectly please let me know. I've tried resetting the factory defaults on the controller but that hasn't helped much. These servers were all 100% working and in use. There is no indication that anything is wrong with any of the hardware except that mkfs.ext4 repeatedly fails with this error: "ext2fs_mkdir: Attempt to read block from filesystem resulted in short read while creating root dir".

EDIT: I'm attempting this one more time, I just reset everything and now it's formatting the ext4 partition with gparted in PartedMagic.

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