Problems with Longhorn Reloaded

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Problems with Longhorn Reloaded

Post by tushar_verma_333 »

I have a copy of longhorn reloaded m1 and i havent been able to install it once because after the installatin on the first system startup three setup files are to be executed
pre installation
post installation
these installlations do not run because the setup faces errors while editing the registry it continously give errors like
could not write value to "specific registry" etc
could i get some help on this

Rob Jansen
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Post by Rob Jansen »

I think your .iso is corrupt.

But can you give us some error codes or screenshots of it when installing it for more detail?


Post by hounsell »

Nope. This is something that does happen with Longhorn Reloaded. Just simply choose to ignore the errors, and let the installer carry on. Alternatively, if it's still not working, get the 'fixed' second edition, which supposedly fixed these errors.

Really though, ditch Longhorn Reloaded. It was simply the biggest pile of crap someone could have made out of Longhorn. The standard build is more stable.

What I recommend is that you use the Standard build, and Install the Longhorn 08 Beta 2 patch, that does a lot better job of fixing things up.

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Post by bns06 »

I completely agree... LHR may seem nice and shiny but in reality it just isn't!
LH '08 is much much better and you should try that, although it does brake the IE Download manager so I suggest getting Firefox before hand


Post by hounsell »

I believe LHR breaks the download manager anyway. It's a common issue to all modifications that disable WinFS.

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Post by J.Byrne »

I agree too, if you want to use longhorn, get build 4074 (which reloaded is based on), that way you can apply the patches and tweaks you want.
I really dont like reloaded, theres just somthing about it...

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