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Posted: Tue Jun 17, 2008 1:50 am
by betaluva
i have decided to try and see if i can get uberskin to work with reactos( or get reactos to work with uberskin), i have contacted tihiy and he ingnores me? i posted a topic about this at msfn and they deleted it! anyways, i have downloaded the reactos sourcecode and im studying it now, i have uploaded a zip that contains: reactos explorer (new and current ) sourcecode,plus it has crimson editor (for viewing and editing the code ) and i have extracted the uberskin installer so that you can see what files are included, the zip is 5 megabytes:

p.s. for those people who think reactos isnt ready for this then i suggest your download the latest iso and install reactos.

i cant do much for a few weeks but then i,ll give it my undivided attention.