I need to change to Aero in Windows XP

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I need to change to Aero in Windows XP

Post by trustBA »

Can you help me to turn into Aero in Windows XP SP2? I have Vista on my laptop.

happy dude
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Post by happy dude »

google for Vista Transformation PAck.

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Post by Luckie »

you can also try VistaMizer
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Post by johnnylaw56 »

get windowblinds. It will give you aero and it really doesn't use hardly any resources.


Post by kontini »

I suggest vistapack, simply the best!


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Post by Vista Ultimate R2 »

Or just use a Vista-style msstyles file - it won't have all the transparency and everything, but it will look similar enough to Vista and means you don't have to run potentially resource-hungry or buggy additional software as it uses the native XP Themes service.


Post by TechRat8r »

You can use TrueTransparency or Vystal for a "see-through" Aero effect. Or, alternatively, for a non see-through Aero effect that doesn't hog any computer resources, download Vista Visual Style Pack 6.0 from freewarefiles.com. If you want the Visual Pack, then first you'll need to install UxTheme Multi-Patcher 6.0 (also found at freewarefiles.com) and restart your system. After it reboots, install Visual Style Pack 6.0, go to display properties, and select the Windows Aero visual style.

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