Ubuntu Edgy Eft released.

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Ubuntu Edgy Eft released.

Post by Panda X »


I heard great improvements since Dapper.

I've tried it, and I love it.


Post by Axalon »

It was released last month.

Yes, Edgy is a nice improvement over Dapper. My only complaint is that they aren't shipping free Edgy CDs. I don't really feel like burning an ISO. I don't personally use ubuntu (I do LFS), but I like to have Ubuntu discs on hand so I can give them to my friends to try.


Post by Commodore-Freak »

Well, I actually had some problems with Edgy. Of course, upstart is a wonderfull thing, but the German language support isn't as good as in Dapper and it didn't work that solid at the beginning. But i like the new artwork and now it's doing his job on my laptop...

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