The re-birth of XPL

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The re-birth of XPL

Post by hougtimo »

Some of you will remember my XPL project from the days of Osbetaarchive.

Well I have decided to re-create it, but hopefully a lot better than before!

The aim of this project, is not to have all the fancy stuff of XP on older hardware, but neither is it to make XP run as 2000 for older hardware. What I hope to achieve is a usuable OS that runs smoothly on lower end hardware, also offering all the advantages of Windows XP.

Non of the fancy themes etc... will exsist in XPL and they eye candy may be a bit on the down side, but all the back-end functionality will be there.

The first release of this OS (which I am currently uploading) is not very small (233mb) or is it geared for lower end hardware. For the moment I would like people to concentrate on running as many apps on it as possible and confirming if they work or not.

Unfortunately, I can only use a virtual environment for testing, but hopefully some of you guys will test on real hardware.

So, I have some questions for those who will be testing / using XPL:

1. What Programs do you use?
2. Do they (^^) work with the current build of XPL?
3. What will you be using XPL for?
4. What "default" parts of the OS would you like to see kept in?

Answering these will help me with the development of the OS to suit your needs.

I am currently uploading build XPL270280100 to my server, I will post a download link shortly!



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Post by Leon »

Yay! I installed XPl into a virtual machine and it was pretty cool
Although there were bugs I noticed (change admin password = no autologin )

happy dude
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Post by happy dude »

Yes its a registry key that has the password for autologin that needs to be changed.
Google and you will find it

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Post by betamaster »

I just wait for new build
I don`t know what i am looking :P

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Post by Andy »

To set auto login go to Start, Run, "control userpasswords2" (without the quotes) and hit enter. Uncheck "Must enter a username and password to log on to this computer" and click apply, then enter the username and password that you want the computer to log on as.

happy dude
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Post by happy dude »

Bump. Yay for me.
Any chance you can provide a download link? Thanks

Rob Jansen
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Post by Rob Jansen »


You have promised us a month ago a download link, i dont see it, i would like to try it out.
Or has this project been cancelled a month ago again.


Post by stuntmaster »

nah hes working on a new one, this guy has done some awsome stuff in the past.

I loved his Windows Classic Enhanced, shae he lost his copy and so did I.

it was basically windows 200 but with some smaller components upgraded to the XP variants like say TCP/IP or whatever.

was really good.

XPL was very useful only a certain service was missing and so some of my drivers never installed as installsheild went nuts.

XPL was very fast too if i remember, it didnt hesitate to boot up i can assure you.

I forgot about this site, its all flooding back to me now OSBA and whatnot.

I can remember some guy named Troyoada AKA ddrmaxromance I think, with windows alphabetas....

still good to see ya around hougtimo!

happy dude
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Post by happy dude »

bump, yes I'm aware of the dates, so Bender (or anyone else for that matter) don't lock this

Anywhere to download it from yet? O_o

happy dude
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Post by happy dude »

Another bump.

Where can I download this? argh.

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Post by QuiescentWonder »

Can't you just use nLite?


Post by Missing_no »

OK, Programs that i Use:

Nettalk for IRC or the free XChat
Browser: Mozilla Firefox and Opera
Media Player: VLC with Codec Pack
Explorer: Total Commander
FTP: Flash FXP or SmartFTP
Languages: All Languages (without chinese and japan)
Messenger: Pidgin or Miranda Fusion (Pidgin with XFire Mod)
Programming: Eclipse
FoxIt PDF Reader and Writer
And Virtual PC 07

That's all I ever need

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