Question about Open UNIX 8

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Question about Open UNIX 8

Post by lardon »

Hello everyone.

I recently obtained a copy of Caldera Open UNIX 8. Those of you who are familiar with UNIX, and particularly the UnixWare brand, Open UNIX 8 is essentially UnixWare 7.1.2, but with Caldera branding. The rest is dark history.

There were several editions of Open UNIX. One of them is a free license. Does anyone know of a place to obtain the free license for this specific version? I'm fully aware that this may be difficult to find for an old operating system.

Your guidance will be appreciated. Thanks!
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Re: Question about Open UNIX 8

Post by ezpz2077 »

It's really hard to find any references to this version, probably because of the quick reversal to the UnixWare name with 7.1.3. I'm afraid it might be close to impossible to find one of these licenses :(

I've seen in another thread that you've uploaded it to the FTP server. Many thanks, I thought this version might be lost forever!

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