Linux equivilent of "My Music"?

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Linux equivilent of "My Music"?

Post by Dr Eggman »

Hey all,

Recently i was transferring some music to my psp in linux and i was wondering that until now, i haven't found a specific place for music. I was wondering if there is a place for it or if it goes into /home/<yournamehere>
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Post by empireum »

You mean on your computer?
You can store the music (and other files) wherever you like, as long as you stay in $HOME. I'd say it depends on the media player/jukebox you use, but most programs will allow you to set a folder. So in the end, it's more or less up to you.

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Post by ddrmaxromance »

It's kinda like Windows. You don't HAVE to store your music in the "My Music" folder, even if it's the default. I'd probably make a /home/music/ folder and just stick it in there so you remember easily.
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Post by Jamson »

Mandriva 2008 gives you a Music folder, if you wanted to use something like that.


Post by Axalon »

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$ mkdir ~/Music
$ nautilus
Problem Solved.

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