How can i make Beryl look like this screenshot

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How can i make Beryl look like this screenshot

Post by Dr Eggman »

I saw this screenshot and was wondering how to customize Beryl to look like the shot.
It looks cool so are there any extra plugins i need?
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Post by betaluva »

as far as i know its one of the default views in beryl/compiz , there are clips of it on youtube, ask someone there or use google.

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Post by Chris1244 »

No plugins necessary really. If your on Ubuntu it is extremely easy just go to Add/Remove and search for Advance Desktop whilst remembering to have all available software selected. When done downloading and installing just go to system and it should be there. Now configure 3D windows and Rotating Cube in the settings and there you go! Hope that helped.

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Post by QuiescentWonder »

Yeah, you can "sudo apt-get install ccsm" as well. That's how I did it, I didn't even think of doing it through the package manager.

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Post by Ambig »

The post is 7 months old...

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Post by XDude »

this guy is bumping all the topics to get access to the server


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XDude wrote:this guy is bumping all the topics to get access to the server
Who cares, his post fully explained how to do what the op asked, nobody else
here posted how to do it.
Is it his fault the question was asked of, 7 months before he joined.
In seeing it was that easy, i'd want to try ubuntu myself now.

And btw, familiarize yourself with the rules.
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XDude wrote:this guy is bumping all the topics to get access to the server
XDude, I would have thought you would have known the BA rules by now
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