Runix - PSX Linux (Caution: WAREZ INSIDE)

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Runix - PSX Linux (Caution: WAREZ INSIDE)

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PSXLinux-kernel-2.4.x-beta1.tar.gz seems to be the latest version. Use PSXLinux-cross-tools-i586.tar.gz to build (and no I don't know how to build it). Not sure how it works. Some more files (all dead links) can be found here

Enjoy. I came across the topic years ago and never found anything on it. So I spent some time messing with Once I got a file name I googled it and found the FTP that the site was using (this is the FTP that used to link to). Someone better figure this out.

I looked in the beta archive and found the readme:

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            PSXLinux kernel beta 1 release.
   This archive contains beta 1 release of Linux kernel for Sony Playstation - PSXLinux.
PSXLinux based on uClinux 2.4.x kernel ( and contains specific support
for Sony Playstation.
  Essential features were added:
1. virtual console over Playstation GPU improved;
2. Playstation memory card block driver improved:
 - some bugs fixed;
 - large memory card (4x,...) support added;
 - two memory cards into one device joining support added;
3. console over Playstation SIO added (115200, 8N1);
4. Runix hardware add-on supported:
 - USB host controller SL811H driver with keyboard and mouse support;
 - RTC support.

I. Prerequistes.
   To compile PSXLinux kernel you will need:
	1. Cross-compiler (egcc-1.1.2) and binutils-2.9.5 for Linux/i386 host
        and MIPS little endian target. Binaries may be downloaded from or
	2. PSXLinux kernel source tree. Download free the latest version from            

II. PSXLinux kernel source tree installation and compilation.

	1. Create directory where kernel sources will be installed an put 
	kernel archive in it.
	2. Unpack kernel archive. 
		gzip -cd <name>.tar.gz | tar xvf -  
	3. Delete stale object files and dependencies.
		make mrproper
	4. Configure kernel.
		make config 	-- bash based configuration tool
		make menuconfig -- text based color configuration tool with
					   	menus, radiolists & dialogs
		make xconfig	-- X windows based configuration tool
	You may load one of prepared configurations from file Config (simple configuration
	without Runix hardware add-on support) or Config_Addon (configuration with Runix 
	hardware add-on support).

	6. Compile kernel. You will get compiled kernel 'linux' in 
	the directory where kernel sources was installed (current directory). 

	7. Run compiled kernel on your game console.
	Visit for tools an instructions.  

   8. Now you may mount root file system from memory card. The memory card root image,
   tools and instructions may be found on

   Best regards !

As for the warez reference, see this topic.

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