Red Hat Linux 10 Betas?

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The Distractor

Red Hat Linux 10 Betas?

Post by The Distractor »

Well, I've seen them on certain anonymous FTPs with Linux on. I don't really have the time to download it though. Maybe if someone can get screenshots?

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Post by kichimi »

Id love to but im to lazy at the moment
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Post by Deathwarder »

can you post a link?


Post by rasco »

from the Red Hat ftp: ... EL5-Beta1/


Is redhat

Post by ophsj »

Is this OS better the Ubuntu or Kubuntu or anyof the other linux Os?

I current have Ubuntu on one of my other small computers and its difficult but i was told its one of the easier OS. Is it true?

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Post by empireum »

You can't ask if it's "better". It all depends on your point of view. I think if comparing the effort of installing, Fedora and Ubuntu are quite similar. By the way, Ubuntu is one of the easiest-to-install distros I know, especially the 6.xx releases... What exactly do you mean by saying it's difficult? You'll have to find through Linux, that's the same with every kind of distro.

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Post by DJ 2501 »

I will download it and install it on a spare pc that iv been wanting to setup a linux server on anyways. Ill post screenshots once completed.

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