What I can do with Dakota system?

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What I can do with Dakota system?

Post by MCbx »

Dakota isn't exactly an OS, it's a service environment used in some IBM computers. I've found it in my IBM PowerPC ThinkPad Power Series 850 and probably in IBM Power Series 850 desktop, but I don't know exactly how to access it on desktop machine.
To access Dakota in IBM TP Power Series, go to Easy Setup and type blindly:
Screen should turn to console.
Dakota can read/write directly from/to computer's memory and launch routines from specified memory locations. It's a powerful ability, but I don't know how to use it, because I don't know much about PowerPC 603e CPU / Memory internals.
To navigate between directories, Dakota uses commands similar to DOS It can read FAT floppies and ISO9660 CDs.
Batch files are *.6MD.
Supported executables: 6XE, 601 or IMG.
Are there any executables in these formats on the Internet?

There is also a virtual ROMDrive V:, where Dakota resides. There's a program to display BMP bitmaps and play WAV sounds.
I don't have a SCSI HDD in this laptop, so I'm going to use this environment to do simple tasks, for example reading documents from CD (i've prepared a program, which converts PDF to BMP sequence, resizes them and prepares to burn on CD). But - there's another problem: No ERRORLEVEL, no PAUSE command to use in batch files...
Is there any way to read keys and use them in IF ... GOTO instructions in 6MD batch files?
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Post by DORFD1 »

I wish my computer had console built into to the bios.

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Post by stitch »

I've never worked with a firmware on an IBM PowerPC machine, but is it in anyway similar to OpenFirmware on a Macintosh?

PS: Pong in OpenFirmware = fun

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Post by moonlit »

Isn't that one of the PowerPCs that could run NT PPC?

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Post by empireum »

moonlit wrote:Isn't that one of the PowerPCs that could run NT PPC?
Yes, that's one of the reasons I myself am looking for one of those.

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