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I am working on a windows 2000 iso. The omly thing left to do is make some visual changes.
Here is where I need help. Can you all upload to ma a bunch of 16 color bitmap. When I change it myself the color gets all screwed up.
So guys if you all can send me a bunch so I can use in my OS that would be cool.

Oh yeah I found boot screen in ntoskrnl so where is the rest of the screens located?

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Post by moonlit »

I'd recommend something like Paint Shop Pro for changing colour depths because a) it does it quite well and b) it's cheaper than Photoshop and the older versions are real shareware.

As for the other bits, the boot screen stuff should all be in ntoskrnl, there's other graphics in msgina.dll, explorer.dll, shell32.dll and a bunch of others I can't remember off the top of my head... someone else here will know though.

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Post by os2fan2 »

You can use Reshacker to add .jpg files to webvw.dll. This is uncompressed on the source tape.

To add wallpaper, give it a short name, eg DIAGONAL.JPG, and install it into the .dll using reshack. You then go to another resource (eg 308), and add a line like DIAGONAL.JPG,"Diagonal Sands.jpg". It's pretty easy to follow in reshack.

I added all of the remaining ones out of Windows ME (which largely share the JPG files from 2K), but you have to add them to the resource that goes to \windir\web\wallpaper. Sample files is limited to one file (athelete.jpg -> sample.jpg).

The rest of the wallpaper i got from Windows NT4 (which the .bmp files come from in the first place)

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