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Posted: Sat Feb 13, 2021 8:27 pm
by SwearmanLives
Hi everyone, first time poster here. I have a lot of discs, disks and floppies, inherited from my grandfather and his construction business. I have Office, NetWare, BackupExec, well... not going to list all of them here but there's one I find extremely odd.

YMark2000, a piece of software by NSTL to test your hardware for the Year 2000 bug. I uploaded it to VetusWare years ago and totally forgot its existence until today, during my annual inventory. It'S really, really odd, I only found one article on it dating from 1999 ( and even asked Jason Scott, he could only come up with this article too. My only question is this: Can I upload it on here if I've already uploaded it to VetusWare?

Thanks! Swearman lives!