Looking for dutch updates

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Looking for dutch updates

Post by Jensvde »


I've installed OS 8, but I can't seem to find an dutch version of the update to the latest version of OS 8. Anyone know where to download them?

The same problem I have with OS 9 updates. Can't seem to find them as well.



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Re: Looking for dutch updates

Post by lilysmith22 »

Hey Jensvde,
I think these links will be helpful for you, so please read it:
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Re: Looking for dutch updates

Post by Wheatley »

He is not referring to iOS, but the old Mac OS operating system.

And unfortunately, finding updates for older software in non-English languages can be quite difficult. If there really is none on the BA ftp, then your only bet is to... well just search the web, ftp:s, literally every place you can think of. For example, that's how I found NT 3.51 SP5 in Finnish from the Metropoli BBS file collection. Took quite a while though, coming up with the correct search terms and all.

Indeed, the difficulty of finding updates in other languages is the reason why I recommend sticking to en-US when it comes to older software, as nice as using something in your own language might be.
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Re: Looking for dutch updates

Post by James »

Unfortunately, the only known OS 8.6 Dutch ISO is corrupted; but you can probably find an 8.5 ISO on BA's FTP, and then update to 8.6 from there.
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