Windows 10 Mobile / Are partitions locked somehow?

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Windows 10 Mobile / Are partitions locked somehow?

Post by Dz3n »

I don't have access to Off Topic Discussions, so why not to post this here?

So, I have official™ emulator's vhd with Windows 10 Mobile OS.


Looks nice, but I would like to edit/read some data in this VHD. So, I mounted VHD using diskpart, as usual, and there appeared some partitions:

I remember the good old days when I could replace the system files in Windows CE. Well, I know, since WP8, OS uses the Windows NT kernel. This is good as for me, but I remember how I edited the system files in Windows 7, which is also NT. Well, it's just Microsoft's opinion, it's better to hide access from users to file system, but why I cannot access files on this virtual hard disk even when it is mounted?


If I try to do something (even open) to resources, this error will appear
Error 0x80070780: Couldn`t access file
What is the funniest, I still have full access to small files:

Could anyone explain how to access other files?
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Microsoft decided to broke my WiFi status tooltip
So, Windows asked me to check Data and MainOS partitions for errors. This time I allowed it, and it found a lot of errors.
It's something about removing file attributes.

UPD: Files are still inaccessible.

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Re: Windows 10 Mobile / Are partitions locked somehow?

Post by PC-DOS »

It's strange. Because I have full access to all files on a real Windows 10 Mobile device through Mass Storage Mode. I'm not sure what will happen if you try to access & modify the VHD file through tools like DiskGenius and/or PartitionGuru.

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