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 PostPost subject: Logon/Logoff sounds in Windows Betas        Posted: Wed Jan 14, 2009 4:25 am 
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Wed Aug 27, 2008 12:52 am


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I have been wondering about this for some time: Why does Windows Betas contain the logoff and logon sounds from a previous RTM build rather than containing their own sounds, but the sounds can be found in a bunch of youtube videos? For example, Whistler has it's own logon/logoff sound, but when I checked Whistler 2419 it contained the same logon/logoff sound from Windows 2000, and so does every other Whistler build. (Whistler logon/logoff sounds are here)

The one and only exception in which a Windows Beta contains a logon/logoff sound that I have found is not in an RTM build is Windows NT 5.0 beta 1 and 2. However only the startup sound is different, shutdown sound is still the same as NT 4. So my question is, if Youtube videos have the logon/logoff sounds that would be found only in Windows Betas, then why don't the Windows betas themselves have the sounds?


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 PostPost subject: Re: Logon/Logoff sounds in Windows Betas        Posted: Wed Jan 14, 2009 6:56 am 
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i always wondered why people are so intrested in those start sounds and i never really understood.

to really see, that most betas have the last's rtm startsound, you would have need to install them, most people seem to be to lazy to do. thats why files often get misslabelled, like "nt 3.2 beta", it never was nt 3.2 beta and it never will, but because no one of them checked it they just uploaded to their torrent sites, i hope you know what i mean ;)

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