Windows Server 2008: Codename Longhorn

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Windows Server 2008: Codename Longhorn

Post by DannyOcean »

Ive just started running windows server 20 08 on virtual pc 2008 and thought it was really good and stable, so i wanted 2 know if any of uz have uzed it and ur exerience with it

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Post by Rob Jansen »


1) Speak english please
2) Its VPC 2007 SP1 is the newest release
3) I tryed it in VMWare, runs smooth, to really test Server 2008, try to install an Domain and all services, thats were a SERVER is for.

You can also activate Vista Basic/Aero (but aero doesnt work in VMWare and VPC 2007).

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Re: Windows Server 2008: Codename Longhorn

Post by Luthian »

DannyOcean wrote:I've just started running Windows Server 2008 on Virtual PC 2007 SP1 and thought it was really good and stable. So, I wanted to know if any of you have used it, and your experiences with it.
I tried Server 2008 on dedicated hardware for a while. Overall I found that it is not a whole lot different than Windows Vista SP1 if you activate all of Vista's features, though, unlike Vista, the ability to turn extra features on and off is much improved in Server.

If you are considering using it as your main OS, keep in mind several things. First (if you are going to use a laptop), as this is a server OS power management features are not optimized for battery usage. Second, without extensive modification of several system resources there is absolutely zero support for any bluetooth hardware. Third, while almost all of your drivers should work, due to some architecture changes between a client and a server OS, some might not, it just depends on your hardware.

Also, unless you own a legitimate product key for Server 2008, you won't be able to activate it, as the most popular crack for Vista (the OEM BIOS crack) doesn't work with Server as their aren't any Server OEM certs, keys, or SLIC tables and any other cracks are extremely nasty (and impractical) to implement.

Overall, unless there is something you really *need* to use in Server, it just makes more sense to stick with Vista for everyday usage.

Just my opinion, ignore it as you see fit.

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