[EXCLUSIVOI] - After Windows Windows 7… "8" Midori

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[EXCLUSIVOI] - After Windows Windows 7… "8" Midori

Post by MiztaInsane »


These last few days is only news, which I will try to write all, since the mutation of Staff of Portugal to news of Microsoft Windows 8 aka Midori!
Venho de saber por uma fonte que a Microsoft já trabalha no sucessor do Windows 7, e ou no sucessor do sucessor do Windows 7 ( Windows 8 e Windows 9). I come to know by one source that Microsoft already working on the successor of Windows 7, or the successor and the successor of Windows 7 (Windows 8 and Windows 9).

O Projecto tem de nome Midori “ Windows Codename Midori “. The Project is the name Midori "Windows Codename Midori." Este tem como objectivo de recriar inteiramente o Windows, será o adeus ao Kernel NT? Este não será programado em C/C++ mas em código misturado como o C#, F#, etc… This is aimed to rebuild entirely Windows, it will be goodbye to NT kernel? This will not be programmed in C / C + + code but in mixed as C #, F #, etc…


With these radical changes, the Sucessores the next Windows will not have anything to do with what we are accustomed! Este projecto pega na Plataforma Singularity que consiste em criar um Kernel em código misturado. This draft picks in the Platform Singularity which is to create a kernel in mixed code. Sei ainda que este vem de passar à versão 1.0 mas que não sairá de Redmond . Singularity só foi um grande teste para Midori. I know that this comes to pass the version 1.0 but not emerge from Redmond. Singularity was a big test for Midori.

O Projecto Midori e Singularity são o fruto do trabalho de uma equipa da Microsoft Research que trabalha num projecto Global codename CHESS . The Project Midori and Singularity are the result of work by a team of Microsoft Research working on a project codename Global CHESS. Este é uma ferramenta automátizada para encontrar erros em Softwares MultiThread por uma exploração sistemática dos threads horários. This is a tool automátizada to find errors in software MultiThread by a systematic exploitation of threads times. Tudo isto é técnico, e não percebo muito mais do que o que citei! All this is technical, not understand much of what I mentioned!

Resumindo: In short:

A Microsoft em três frentes Seven, Midori e Singularity, nada mau. Microsoft on three fronts Seven, Midori and Singularity, nothing bad. Pois assim sendo assim que um Windows já está em Concept “Windows 7″ outro já está a começar ” Windows Midori”. Because so well that Windows is already in a Concept "Windows 7" is already starting another "Windows Midori."
Como venho a dizer, o Windows 7 será o último Windows com o Kernel NT, que terá como sucessor o MinWin! As I come to say, Windows 7 will be the last with Windows NT Kernel, which will be the successor MinWin!

http://translate.google.com/translate?h ... %26hl%3Den
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Post by QuiescentWonder »

Great post you have going on here. Can we get it in 100% English or 100% Spanish?

Also, pics are dead.

I didn't think that anyone knew anything about Midori yet, except that it's in the "incubation" stage, which means that it's beyond Microsoft Labs. Also that it's written in 100% managed code like Singularity.

Rob Jansen
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Post by Rob Jansen »

100% english, this is an english forum, but machine translations are imperfect, can somebody that can read spanish translate it to english?

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Post by Daniel »

Midori will not be Windows 8 or any other Windows. Midori is just another research OS by Microsoft which has some similarities with Singularity. The leader of the Midori project is Eric Rudder.

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Post by Chicago »

I can read spanish
but it's portugese. Maybe Obrasilo may help.

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here an english article and my opinion

Post by Smartie77 »


July 7th, 2008

Might Microsoft’s Midori be ‘Cairo’ revisited?

there it is in english.

Of course Microsoft will let the win32 platform die one day, it would be not unwise if they move to a UNIX platform with .NET features.

Windows is "done", it sounds strange but there isn't really anything they could do to doctor out all the design mistakes ( i don't talk of the Look ) this OS has collected over the years. Without a question they have to move to something new.

It will be like the switch from Mac OS 9 to the Unix empowered OS X.

If MS follows Apple, then they will make it look like "Windows" and built some virtualization in it, so our XP and Vista apps still work.

My guess is that Windows 7 will be the final Windows as we know it.

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