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Project: Installing every build of Pre-Reset Longhorn in vmware

Posted: Sat Feb 13, 2021 6:15 pm
by anonymous74
The pre-reset builds of Windows Longhorn have always been my favorites. I just recently got a license for VMware Workstation Pro 16, and I think this is a good first project for me with the new version! So, let's go thru every build to note any challenges with this project of mine.
This could also help with anyone who is having trouble installing a particular build, since I'm putting installation notes for each one.
How on earth do I have the space to install all of these you may ask? I have an external 2TB hard drive. Even still, if I move on to post reset or other windows versions after this, I may need to upgrade again!

Green = Already installed
Orange: Not yet installed
Red: Uninstallable

Milestone 3

This build has no notable problems and was the first Longhorn build I ever installed. I already have it on a VM so this one is already done.
No issues with this build, should be easy. Update: Installed
No issues with this build, should be easy to install. Update: Installed
Already installed.

Milestone 4
Milestone 4 builds are really broken when it comes to the new WIM setup. This causes much annoyance when installing them in VMs, but they are all still possible.

Already installed. Also can boot on the current date! I used the Longhorn Packet for this build because the setup can't partition drives
Cannot install from CD boot, so I will upgrade from a copy of my 4001 VM. Update: Installed. Has issues with user registration on startup, but works otherwise.
No notable issues with this build
Already installed.
This build's setup is heavily broken. I had it installed in the past via upgrading from a previous build, but my VM corrupted itself, so I'm going to have to do it all over again. Might take some time.
Update: Build installed!

Milestone 5

Most copies of this build have a broken WinPE, but the version on the BA FTP doesn't have this issue, so I won't have to use the Longhorn packet with this build. Update: Installed
This build's Preinstallation Environment is broken, so I will have to use the Longhorn Packet to install this build. Update: Installed. I got a file copy error, so I took the install.wim from 4017 and put it into the 4015's ISO image. That worked, and I've got it now. It froze on "please wait" but I restarted and then I was sent to the desktop. All the drivers had to be manually installed, but it worked besides that.
No issues with installation. Update: Installed
This build's setup will crash on Workstation 16, but I installed it already on version 15, so I won't have to deal with that. If you need to install it on version 16, use the WinPE from a previous build. More conveniently, you could use the Longhorn Packet, which I am using a lot in this project.
This build has the same setup issue as the last build. I will try the Longhorn Packet, but if that doesn't work I will have to install workstation player 15 and install it there (if hardware compatibility doesn't work) Update: Installed. Didn't need to do anything other than set the hardware compatibility back to 6.5-7x.
No issues with this build. Update: Installed

Milestone 6

No issues with this build. Update: Installed!
One of the "2020 release" builds. There is little info on install issues. Setup is described as buggy, so I will have to see what issues this build has. Update: Installed fine without issues
No noted install issues on this build. Update: Installed
No issues with this build. Update: Installed
This build is not bootable, and cannot be upgraded to. There is a way to make the build bootable, so I will have to see if I can get that to work. For more info, check here: Update: Installed! I transplanted this build's install.wim file into 4033's ISO and it installed just fine!
No issues with this build's setup that could keep me from installing it. Update: Installed
This build is for the IA-64 architecture. There is no IA-64 emulator, and I don't own any IA-64 machines, so I cannot install this build.
This build's PE is broken, so I need to use the Longhorn Packet. The setup crashed under LH Packet and I was unable to do an upgrade from build 4033. Will come back to it later.
This build has a bunch of cool included beta software. Apparently there I also a chance that I will have an error copying files. Hopefully I can get past that. Update: Both clean and upgrade installs freezes on migration data stage, restarting and booting into it gets to the setup is starting screen. That freezes, rebooting again it gets stuck on loading user profile service.
I already installed this build. My copy had a broken WinPE so I used the Longhorn Packet
Some copies of these builds will not boot. Using a different WinPE or the Longhorn Packet should fix that. Update: Installed. Used the Longhorn Packet.
No setup issues noted. Update: WinPE appeared to be broken so I used the Longhorn Packet and it installed fine.

Milestone 7
Milestone 7 is the most unstable milestone of Longhorn. Many of these builds have issues, but should mostly all be install-able
No issues with setup. Update: Installed
This build's install.wim file is missing files. Only one person was able to install it. I will give it my all when I get there, but I'm leaving it for last. If anyone can help me install this build, please reply to this thread! For now I'm marking it as uninstallable.
This build's setup has a lot of assert errors, so I might need help installing this build. The Longhorn Packet might fix these, but if it doesn't I might need assistance replacing drivers. If anyone has done this, let me know in the replies to this thread!
This build was released in x86, x64, and IA-64 varients. I will try both the x86 and x64 versions and attempt to install both. The checked/debug version of this build needs some special fix to run under a hypervisor, so I will try to avoid it if possible. Update: Installed the x86 version
Shouldn't give me any installation issues. Update: Installed.
This build can be installed on the current date! I already have the x86 version of this build installed. I might try the x64 version, but for now I'm marking it as installed.
Setup is slow, but there are no installation issues with this build. Update: Installed
Some virtualizers don't have a working mouse driver in WinPE. It isn't noted weather VMware has this issue. Update: Installed fine. No problems.
Will try to install both the x86 and x64 version. No setup issues noted. Update: Installed both versions.
Will need to use the Longhorn Packet to partition the drive. Update: Hardware setup stuck in a crash loop.
Exactly the same issue as the last build. Update: Installed
Same issue as the last 2 builds. Update: Installed
Same drive partition issue as the previous few builds. Update: Installed.
The same issue with drive partitioning as the last 4 builds. Update: Installed. 4 left!
The drive needs to be partitioned before installing, just like the last 5 builds. Update: Installed
The hard drive needs to be partitioned before setup, just like the last SIX builds. Update: Installed.
Same issue as the last 7 builds. In addition, I need to kill secinit.exe using the task manager in order for hardware setup to load. Update: Installed. Funny enough I didn't need to kill secinit.exe like BetaWiki said. Not sure why.
I had this build installed before, but I need to do a re-install. Some ISOs of this build may need to have their WinPE replaced. Other than that, no installation issues. Update: I had to set the BIOS date, vmware 14 compatibility, and use the WinWorld copy, but I got it running again. Can't believe how much trouble this one caused me! I'm done!

So, that's it. Wish me luck! I will update this post as I install builds.

(2/13/21) Installed the following builds: 3706, 3713, 4002 and 4005.
(2/14/21) Installed Build 4011.
(2/15/21) Installed Build 4015.
(2/16/21) Installed the following builds: 4020, 4030 (M5), 4031 (M5) and 4029 (Lab06 Milestone 6). Screenshots tomorrow.
(2/17/21) Installed the following builds: 4030.Lab06_n.030702-1727, 4031 (M6) and 4033 (x86).
(2/18/21) Installed the following builds: 4040 and 4017
(2/19/21) Installed the following builds: 4032, 4042 (main M6), and 4042 (M7)
(2/20/21) Installed the following build: 4051 x86l
(2/21/21) Installed: Nothing!
(2/22/21) Installed the following builds: 4053, reinstalled 4074 on 6.5-7x compatibilty so I could get DWM running, and I did it! Also installed build 4081, 4082 and 4083 (x86)
(2/23/21) Installed the following build: 4083 x64
(2/24/21) Installed the following build: 4085 (main)
(2/25/21) Installed: Nothing!
(2/26/21) Installed the following builds: 4085 (Lab07), 4086 (main), and 4086 (lab03).
(2/27/21) Installed: Nothing!
(2/28/21) Installed the following build: 4086 (Lab01)
(3/1/21) Installed the following build: 4087
(3/2/21) Installed the following build: 4088
(3/3/21) Installed build 4093, and that concludes my project! I will continue to update it in the future when new builds leak, but for now I'm done. I could install the Longhorn Server builds, but I'm getting really sick of this project.
While this project is now finished, I still haven't added every single screenshot (see below), so I'll get that filled in and give one last update when I'm fully finished.
(3/4/21) The final screenshots were added and the project has been concluded until further notice.

Re: Project: Installing every build of Pre-Reset Longhorn in vmware

Posted: Sat Feb 13, 2021 6:24 pm
by anonymous74
Screenshot gallery:

Build 3683

Build 3706:

Build 3713

Build 3718

Build 4001

Build 4002

Build 4005

Build 4008

Build 4011

Build 4015

Build 4020

Build 4029 (M5 Main)

Build 4030 (Main)

Build 4031 (Main)

Build 4029 (M6)

Build 4030.Lab06_n.030630-1724 (M6)

Build 4030.Lab06_n.030702-1727 (M6)

Build 4031 (M6)

Build 4032

Build 4039 (Later compile)

Build 4042 (Milestone 6)

Build 4042 (Milestone 7)

Build 4051 (x86)

Build 4053

Build 4074 x86 (With green aero!)

Build 4081

Build 4082

Build 4083 (x86)

Build 4083 (x64)

Build 4085 (Lab05/Main)

Build 4085 (Lab07)

Build 4086 (Main)

Build 4086 (Lab03)

Build 4086 (Lab01)

Build 4087

Build 4088

Build 4093
TBA (Not yet installed)

Re: Project: Installing every build of Pre-Reset Longhorn in vmware

Posted: Sat Feb 13, 2021 6:33 pm
by ATeamInc
For builds in the 4042 range, I personally recommend to use a SCSI CDROM and harddisk. 4042 has a bug with CDs on IDE (or at least from what I have tried, even on VMware 7.1.4 this bug is present) where it likes to do I/O errors with certain files on a CD. I also found out that LH does not really like the Buslogic SCSI adapter, so I recommend using LSI Logic (VMware claims that Windows XP does not include drivers for that adapter, but LH is based off server 2003 so support is included out of the box). I do not recommend using SCSI for 4074 and beyond. WinFS breaks with certain builds (4093..) only on a SCSI adapter, but not on IDE.

My recommendations for stability would be to allocate a high amount of memory (for all builds it does help really, maybe around 2-3GB if you can) as well as 20GB for non-componentized builds and 40GB for componentized builds as partition sizes.

As for the external HDD thing, note that installation will be significantly longer. They're slow, that's all.
Offtopic Comment
Componentized builds take signifcantly longer to install and also a lot more space since they copy their build repository to the hard drive by default.

Re: Project: Installing every build of Pre-Reset Longhorn in vmware

Posted: Sat Feb 13, 2021 6:44 pm
by anonymous74
Thanks for the advice! I will take note of this when installing. However, I'd like to avoid using a lot of disk space if I can. I have 1.2TB free on my harddrive, and I'm going to end up using a lot of it
Also, which 4042 are you talking about? M6 or M7? I've installed the M7 build before.

Re: Project: Installing every build of Pre-Reset Longhorn in vmware

Posted: Sat Feb 13, 2021 8:56 pm
by ATeamInc
Both builds are affected by this bug IIRC. Install works fine, but any CD placed after installation experiences this (such as a driver pack or an activation asset).
For disk space, if your work is a PoF and nothing more (you won't install any software or so), then you can get away with using much less space. 4074 and before utilize about 4-6GB depending on the build excluding the page file. A 10GB HDD partition would be more than enough for a minimal configuration. As for componentized builds, the install by default can take up to 8GB without the page file. If your memory size is less than 2GB then you can get away by using a 10GB HDD partition but it would affect stability. 12-15GB is fine.
I suggest larger sizes when dealing with third-party software and customizations only. But since you won't be messing with LH a lot then small sizes are not a big problem.
EDIT: You can use diskpart to partition drives if the setup does not work for you. Just simply use the commands below (make sure you have only 1 disk or you will have to change them a bit). I also recommend using 6.5x-7 compatibility if you face any problems directly related to hardware. LH 4093 likes to hang with no compatibility, but that depends on hardware.

Code: Select all

Type at the command prompt:
select disk 0
create partition primary
Type at the command prompt:
format c: /FS:NTFS /U

Re: Project: Installing every build of Pre-Reset Longhorn in vmware

Posted: Sat Feb 13, 2021 9:52 pm
by anonymous74
Good to know about the CD issues, I will make a note of that. As for storage space, I won't be installing much extra software because most of it would be broken anyway. Pretty much all I do is patch it up so that I don't have to worry about BIOS dates, reinstalls, etc. As for the numerous partitioning issues, I prefer to just repack the ISO into the Longhorn Packet, which just allows me to do a one-click partition so I don't have to worry about it again. Thanks for the help though, I will try that to see if it is more convenient.

Re: Project: Installing every build of Pre-Reset Longhorn in vmware

Posted: Sat Feb 20, 2021 1:18 am
by Xeno
Awesome job putting the time into doing all this. Sorry for "borrowing" your legend idea.

Re: Project: Installing every build of Pre-Reset Longhorn in vmware

Posted: Sat Feb 20, 2021 10:38 pm
by anonymous74
Thank you, it certainly takes a lot of time to do all of this. You do get bored after a while. Totally fine with you "borrowing" my idea.

Re: Project: Installing every build of Pre-Reset Longhorn in vmware

Posted: Sat Feb 20, 2021 11:43 pm
by Xeno
Oh for sure it does get boring after a while. I just hopped off my Longhorn Pre-Reset project and moved on to Whistler myself. But you got this, don't worry if you need to take a few days off at times to rest, doing this can be time-consuming.