Which is more stable, Longhorn 3706 or 3718?

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Dr Eggman
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Which is more stable, Longhorn 3706 or 3718?

Post by Dr Eggman »

Hey all,

I'm going to download one of the two, so which is more stable, and which has more DCE?
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Post by hounsell »

I'd say 3718 in both cases

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Post by hypr »

with my experience with 3718 , it runs like a dream, has very good compatibility with programs old and new, I would use it as my main OS but lack of updates comprises it.


Post by urban92 »

LH 3718 is more stable than 3706:

- in LH 3706 sidebar can't integrate in taskbar

- TweakNT does not working in LH 3706

You should install 3718

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Post by MugenFox »

3718 because if you have low or minimum requirements for the OS, 3718 works but 3706 doesn't show the sidebar and the start menu.


Post by mercenaryhmster »

another vote for 3718. it was and still is the most stable version of longhorn, without that pesky memory leak problem of the 4XXX builds

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