longhorn 3718 FLP

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thuun derboy

longhorn 3718 FLP

Post by thuun derboy »

As I'm fairly new here, let me say 'hello'.
I'm thuun, and I'm another OS builder.

Last week I finalized a version of a longhorn based custom OS for older (or virtual) PCs. Registry settings and component removal are used to minimize the installation's resource demands.
To explain, I'll first show the readme I made for the release.
Release Notes
for the Release of
Microsoft® Windows® "Longhorn" XP Fundamentals for Legacy PCs

Originally released: 19.11.02

This document provides general information and information on setting up Microsoft® Windows® Code Name "Longhorn." FLP. The following installation instructions are for a product that is still in development.

Information provided during the unattended setup:

· Administrative User: Admin

· Organization: Alpha Lab06_N

· Workgroup: WORKGROUP

· Product key: (see winnt.sif)

· Language: 0409

· TimeZone: 035 (EST)

Changes may be made by modifying the winnt.sif answer file.

Use CDIMAGE.EXE to rebuild the modified setup image.


This version of Windows Code Name “Longhorn” includes Windows Media Player 10.

Windows Media Player 10 Scripting Host features are disabled by default.


Longhorn XP FLP does not contain all standard Windows Longhorn XP features.

Not installed:

· Accessibility options

· Internet Connection Wizard

· Games and Internet Games

· MS Messanger

· MSN Explorer

· NetMeeting

· OOBE and Activation

· Outlook Express

· Movie Maker

· NT Backup

· System Restore

· Search Assistant

· Files and Settings Transfer Wizard

· Windows File Protection

· Windows Update

Themes support is disabled
To use themes, open the Services snapin in Computer Management and start the Themes service. Themes may then be applied.

Please note that additional components may have been updated or removed upon release.

The option to upgrade is not available in this version of "Longhorn."

You can use the clean installation option to install "Longhorn" on a new hard disk or computer. You can replace an existing Windows installation, removing all of its files and settings. You must reinstall your programs when Setup is done.

You can also use this option to install "Longhorn" on a different drive or partition if you want to have more than one operating system on the same computer. This is called a dual-boot or multi-boot configuration.

This document and reduced custom version of Windows “Longhorn” XP FLP, 2008 thuun.
additional notes..

All components have been removed 'by hand' (no nlite).

WMP 10 is slipstreamed, not installed post setup.

This release uses a txtsetup based install. Soon .wim format should be used to speed the installation.
The iso is 439 MB., which includes lang files and some extras.

here are screenshots of setup and the first boot desktop with the zune classic theme...
(removed per forum rule no. 10, no linked images ...
and I'm not using a browser supported by the forum image system right now.)

If anyone is interested in the project, Pls. feel free to post questions, thoughts, etc.

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Post by betaluva »

it could be usefull for oler pc,s i think you should include outlook express, a lot of people still use it, what was your motivation for creating it?

thuun derboy

Post by thuun derboy »

It's intended to be a little faster than normal Windows.
Outllook Express is not used by all, so as with the FLP build of XP, is was removed.

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Post by Ludacris »

I could help you to modify the Vista setup. It could be tricky tough...

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Post by jimmsta »

I'm very interested in this project. Hope to fool around with it some once you upload it.

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Post by Derf »

Seems promising. Always good to see some custom OS's that actually accomplish something - wish you the best of luck.

thuun derboy

Post by thuun derboy »

thanks for the comments.

I'm using ximage and sysprep to repackage the setup on another pc right now.
The above system I dubbed r1.
It uses a txtsetup based setup similar to some multiboot cofigurations.

Next is add the panther engine from build 4039 or 4074 and drop the captured.wim inside.

...please PM me if you'd like additional details.

I used build 4015 for a 'wrapper', with good results.

pictured here, checking for a zero byte error log is a good way to know if it worked...


thuun derboy

Post by thuun derboy »

~testing has begun, those interested may request the os image link via pm.


Post by murphy »

It would be great for my 300mhz machine Otherwise i got a 1,9Ghz P4 lying around

cheers, murphy

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Post by Derf »

Nice work. May send a little PM coming your way - this is one of the best, and most successful, custom operating systems I've seen since XPL.

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Post by dirtwarrior »

Can you do something with xp flp?

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