Vista SP1 User Question...

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Vista SP1 User Question...

Post by willowhaven »

Has anyone here took part in the Vista SP1 Beta Test program? I am honestly so dissolusioned right now with Vista that I have pretty much put away my 6 month old Dell in favor of my 4 year old HP with OSX installed on it, as the stability and experience is so much better.

I just downloaded the RC of SP1, but I am a little unsure as to whether to mess with it or just wait it out a little longer until the actual RTM copy comes out. I used the beta test of XP SP2, and I had a difficult time removing it in order to load the RTM of it later, and in fact ended up reinstalling fresh from my original disk of XP before I updated to SP2.

But if there has been enough positive changes to the OS, I think I would seriously consider the transition. Current problems I face on a daily basis: Massive problems with IE. After a certain number of links clicked, the ability to click on links seems to quit. I face a lot of "this program is no longer responding" errors with IE. My data transfer is so slow on it that I half the time end up going to a different computer to download via XP. And for some ungodly reason, Vista currently refuses to allow incoming networking from any other computer in the house.

Does the beta help correct any of these problems? Please let me know. I have really been waiting on pins and needles for this upcoming release. Any input would be greatly appreciated.


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Post by Chicago »

Myself I would recommend running Firefox 3, It;s beta still but amazing!


Post by Gamerdude »

I have been running the SP1 beta since it was released to the public. I can tell you that I find file copying to be improved. It's not a world of difference, I still feel that XP copies files faster than Vista, but I did notice improvement. As for your question about IE...I don't use IE, so I'm not qualified to answer that question for you. In the limited number of times I've used IE, I have not noticed the issue that you have pointed out, but I doubt I've used it enough.

Finally, as for the network connection issues...I frequently attend LAN parties and we often share files across the network. I haven't had any issue sharing files with other computers during those times. I haven't figured out how to disable the password required to access my shared folders (it's my login password for my user account, I have no clue why it's applied, I never put it there). However, my machine hasn't been rejecting incoming connections.

I hope you find this helpful. As of right now, I don't think the SP1 beta is perfect, however the only issue I've run into is for some reason VMWare Workstation 6 / Server 1.04 make Vista BSOD when I try to run a virtual machine...this might be an isolated problem to my system though. On the whole, I haven't had really any negative issues with the SP1 beta, so I can recommend it, but it's certainly not necessary.

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Post by Vista Ultimate R2 »

Gamerdude wrote:I haven't figured out how to disable the password required to access my shared folders (it's my login password for my user account, I have no clue why it's applied, I never put it there).
If it's the same as on Vista SP0 it's under Control Panel > Network and Sharing Centre, expand "Password-protected sharing" and set it to Off, then click Apply.

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