Vista SP1, any new gen on release dates?

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Vista SP1, any new gen on release dates?

Post by hougtimo »


does anyone know if there is any information on the release of SP1?

I've been looking all over me msdn page and can find no dates whatever.

am i missing something?

Could do with this info asap


Post by willowhaven »

I recently ran across an article that said July 2008. I was pretty bummed about that, bc I really am hoping that it will improve my stability issues. If IE crashes on me one more time I may scream. I wish I could downgrade back to XP, but Dell is telling me it will void my software warrenty, so I am kind of stuck right now...until SP1 comes out. Of course something I saw that kind of blew my mind is something about EFI being included for X64 on SP1. Does this mean that PCs will be closer to MacOS soon?


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Post by XDude »

Vista SP1 should come out in February. Windows Server 2008's release date is set at Feb. 28, 2008.
It's in RC now, it's near RTM.

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