Your Opinion: What vista/longhorn beta?

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Your Opinion: What vista/longhorn beta?

Post by Dr Eggman »

Ok, i'm finally getting around to installing a new OS on my dell, it has ~380 ram, 18 GB free ~1.2GHz processor (intel) so what version of longhorn/vista should i run? XP is too boring

PS i'd try linux, but my family hardly knows how to use windows =P
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Post by compact-mac »

One of the 3xxx LH Builds.
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Post by Namronia »

i whould take 3718 one of the best ones

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Post by 4tified »

Compact-mac wrote:One of the 3xxx LH Builds.
Namronia wrote:i whould take 3718 one of the best ones
I'd have to agree with both Compact-mac and Namronia....the 3xxx builds were still mostly stable and didn't consume much memory, which is what you're going to need with only 380MB. If you decide to go up to any of the 4xxx builds, expect severe lag up as in idle, these builds tend to take up 400MB or more.
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