My Vista Experiences with x32 / x64

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My Vista Experiences with x32 / x64

Post by hougtimo »


I have seen a lot of negative Windows Vista reviews recently, so i thought I'd lighten the mood towards Vista a bit.

Well, I have been testing Longhorn/Vista since the first alpha preview of Longhorn came out, and haven't missed a released build at all. But I am going to write this review as if Vista RTM is my first impression.

The machine I am using for this is as follows : AMD Athlon X2 4200+ @ 3.2GHz, 2gb RAM, geforce 6150 GFX, 520gb Sata II HDD. The version of Vista I use for the comparison is : Business x86 and Business x64

When I first installed Vista RTM x86, initially I was not impressed. They still had the blue/green "mucky Pond" (as I like to call it) aurora, which they made use of in the welcome center, logon screen and the control panel sidebar. These three instances of it are the worst 9especially the control panel). Aero is laggy on my gfx card, and it seemed that for the amount of space it took up and the price I had to pay, it offered very little in the way of useful features. Note : At this time, my PC only had 1gb of ram. After I had got all my programs installed, and run the machine for a few days things did actually seem to settle down a bit and the machine gave about the same performance as XP Pro.

The best thing about vista though, is all my hardware was recognised from scratch, where in XP my digital high definition audio, vga, lan and smbus drivers had to be installed manually.

I ran this configuration from 30th January 2007, to 1st April 2007. It never got slow, and always was reliable and always gave the same performance as xp.

Since then I had aquired the x64 version of Vista business through my company's MSDN account. So, I gave it a shot on my pc.

Everything went smoothly through the install, and all of my devices were recognised, apart from my wireless LAN card. I had a bit of trouble finding decent drivers for this, as intellinet has not released x64 drivers for my card. in the end I found some gigabit drivers for the same chipset (Atheros) which work flawlessly.

I was mroe impressed with the x64 vista, and I actually started seeing some real benefits. now, when zipping / unzipping files it takes a fraction of the time it did on XP / Vista x86, and I did get some really decent performance.

Last week, I was given some PC2-4200 ram (1gb module), which I slapped in next to my pc2-4200 1gb module, stuck in my readyboost compatable Flash drive, configured it, rebooted and....... The little bar scrolled across 3 times, instead of 8, there was no black waiting screen for the orb animation, and no wait to reach the desktop. the total boot time has been reduced from 14 seconds, to a staggering 6 seconds (Power button to desktop).

It really was flying, so I installed XP 64 to see if it was the same story there, and it definately isn't. It is good, but performance wise, not a patch on Vista.

So, i have come to the conclusion that if you run Vista on 1gb or under of ram, you can expect decent performance, about equal to XP. But...if you go x64, grab some more ram and start to take advantage of all vista's cool stuff (like readyboost) you're PC really starts to fly!

...All I need now is one of those HDDs with a flash boot-sector HeHe

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Post by Frozenport »

May I reccomend that you try the command line (and free) Unrar-x64 and 7z-x64... They show great speed increases...

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