Official Windows Vista 32 & 64-bit MUI download

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run the exe, be fast and copy the extracted .cab to a safe location before the exe wants to delete the cab
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Thanks for sharing these MUI link

I can't wait for windowsupdate's speed


I <3 Metro UI. not anymore


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Ive been looking for a clean build so i can start configuring it using vlite thanks for the tutorial


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nice thx


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Wher can i find Polish language pack x32bit for Vista Home Premium.

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IceMan09 wrote:Hi
Wher can i find Polish language pack x32bit for Vista Home Premium.
Home Premium doesn't support MUI.
MUI are only for Enterprise and Ultimate.

And the LIP's (Language Interface Packs) are not in polish available.

Just get and legal Home Premium in the store, then you get the polish language (if available).

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