WinXP clock format ( MNTH/DATE/YEAR)

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WinXP clock format ( MNTH/DATE/YEAR)

Post by Andrew »

Is it possible to show my XP clock as

instead of

It's really annoying, as in New Zealand we don't use the american clock, and its really confusing to glance at.

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Post by Andy »

Just set your country to UK, then set your time back to your normal time and don't let windows auto update it. We use the format 8/12/06 so it should work for you.

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Post by Vista Ultimate R2 »

You can set the clock to display the time and date how you want using Control Panel > Regional and Langauge Options. Selecting your country from the list should make it how you want it, but clicking Customise lets you then change things youreslf as well (for instance, I prefer to use a 12-hour clock rather than 24-hour).


Post by stenorman2001 »

In Control Panel -> Regional and Language Options click "Customize" / "Customize This Format" then goto the "Time" date tab and change the current short date, which is probably MM/d/yy to d/MM/yy.

If you are in New Zealand, select the "English (New Zealand)" to change all the time/date formats to New Zealand time or select "English (United States)" to change the options to American settings.

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