Interesting stuff in NT5 1906 IDW folder

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Interesting stuff in NT5 1906 IDW folder

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Has anyone else ventured into the IDW folder on the NT5 build 1906 CD?

There's some interesting things on there ... a lot of testing utilities, build.exe which coordinates the whole windows build process, a curious app called Bugboard which seems to be a kind of collaborative text-based whiteboard, and for some reason half of the Windows Entertainment Pack games are on there. There's also a port of VI there.

Another interesting thing I've found, a batch file called SetNT351 which includes in the comments: "This batch script will mark an image file so that it thinks it is running on Windows NT 3.51". So could this be an early version of the compatibility settings in XP by any chance?
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Post by empireum »

I think the SetNT351 thing could be about running imagecfg.exe on a program (or even on the NT kernel) to change its version/the version it reads from the system to 3.51... There's also a SetWin95 script for fooling a program insisting on Win9x. There's some interesting stuff in that folder, indeed

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i have to find that. it sounds almost as cool as that old text writer from Chicago.

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